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The Best Pizza On The Upper East Side

Perfect crust pizza nyc

If you think this is burnt, you ate paint chips as a kid or are from Queens (probably both)

Best pizza UES nyc

Is Sofia the best new pizza “shoppe” on UES?

The Midtown East/UES finally has a great slice shop! I promise. I can tell you’re skeptical because it’s been a pizza dead zone for so long. Everything up there tastes like a typical place outside of NYC called “NY PIZZA”. It’s just a guy faking a NY accent and a few photos of the sopranos on the wall, which ironically enough probably taste better than the pizza they’re serving. Seriously UES, you finally got something that resembles Suprema on the other side of Manhattan, and fittingly they’re from the same family. The crust is perfectly baked and well risen with tons of flavor.

The sauce is a bit lighter than Supremas so if you prefer less savory this may be for you. The cheese is spread out evenly and you see lots of the sauce coming through. I prefer this over the Midwest style of too much cheese.

While sitting in the open window I thought it may not really be a classic “slice shop”. Maybe it looks too new inside? Maybe its in too nice of a neighborhood? Maybe this is just this neighborhoods way of making even the slice shop sterile and boring so it’s approachable for the rich. As I thought all of that, two construction workers walked by, and one decides to go in. The one who stayed outside yelled, though the open storefront, “you already ate!” The one inside yelled back, through the opening and over me “it’s a new slice shop! You gotta try it!” And as soon as he said that he turned, saw the pies and yelled back “THEY’RE ALL BURNT! Fuck this! I already ate, I don’t need to eat burnt pizza!” Adding “Each one is overdone!” as he walked out.

While he’s incredibly wrong (and that he thinks this pizza is burnt lets me know he lives in Queens), the saving grace is having this scene proves I’m wrong. A bunch of maybe drunk construction workers yelling at each other from inside a shop through the large open window, complaining for no reason, and cursing in front of kids as if they’re helping that kid be raised right, is exactly what a neighborhood slice shop should be like. ME/UES, you’re in good hands at Sofia. Also, if you see that guy, tell him he’s an asshole, he’d love it.
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