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Picadillo, My Go To Cuban Meal, Ordered At A Filipino Spot?

A Cuban just ordered Picadillo at a Filipino spot, what happened next might not amaze you

A Filipino BBQ joint that sells one of my favorite Cuban dishes with a fried egg on top? Aight, I’ll fuck with it. But it better be good. It takes a lot for me to trust the Picadillo of anyone that isn’t my grandmother. Her picadillo was the best. She even used to make it without raisins cause she knew I didn’t mess with raisins growing up. Fuck outta here with your wrinkled ass fruits in my meat. Although, as I got older I stopped caring they look like an old mans nutsacks and started enjoying them (weird sentence). Especially when they rehydrate in the tomato and beef fat simmering liquid that makes picadillo so great.

Picadillo is ground beef cooking slowly in its own rendered fat, tomato purée/blend, garlic, bay leaves, and olives (big secret here is some of the olive oil/brine in there as well). It goes great over white rice and shockingly great with sliced bananas as well. I know it sounds horrendous but bananas just work well with the flavors and I hate bananas. That’s right, I only like bananas alongside ground beef cooked in its own fat. Fight me.

The potatoes were a bit more al dente than I would’ve liked but they added a nice chewy starch texture to lost of the bites. They shut down midday and their staff seems a bit unprepared for people coming in, which is essential for a restaurant but what do I know. I’m sure it’s just cause they’re new and it was a holiday weekend. They were extra nice and even offered us different syrups and whatnot. I’ll check out their regular menu next time.

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