Alexis Guerreros


This Philly Meatball Sub Is Better Than The Cheesesteaks

Whenever you go to Philly the basics will tell you to get a cheesesteaks. Those who have been to Philly more than twice will tell you to go to Reading terminal for DiNic’s roast pork. They’re right, it’s incredible.
Anyone who has been to DiNic’s and had a chance to really talk to the people at the counter knows they will tell you the secret they aren’t allowed to say to the customers: the meatball is all their favorite. The guy looked around to make sure the coast was clear and whispered “get the meatball, trust me, I’m supposed to. It suggest anything other than roast pork but it’s better.”
Soft and incredibly strong flavor, big chunks of garlic, sauce not too sweet and not overpowering. Just enough parmesan cheese so that it didn’t take over or make it too salty. Damn man, I’m glad we asked. From now on, I’ll probably just get the meatball unless I’m with someone who has never been to DiNic’s.
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