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Peameal Bacon Challenge

Peameal Bacon Challenge

What Is Toronto’s Signature Dish And Why Is The American Version Better?

Peameal Bacon Challenge

Peameal Bacon Challenge

As part of my comedic soccer duo, The Cooligans, We recently received all-access passes for the MLS Cup final in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. While there, I couldn’t help but finally try a peameal bacon sandwich. You’ll notice I love food while Christian, my Cooligans partner, couldn’t give less of a fuck.

Toronto, Ontario is the most notable city in Canada, probably because of Drake’s popularity and consistent shouting it out (btw no one calls it “the 6”) but also because of Toronto FC‘s successful run to the MLS Cup Final. In fact, thats how we, the Cooligans have found our way to Toronto, covering the MLS Cup Final for you, our fans. We had a blast in the city and with the exchange rate, everything was pretty favorable.

When we go to a city, Alexis likes to look for that cities signature dish. What is indigenous to Toronto? Do you have any idea? What dish is synonymous with Toronto? Turns out there aren’t many options, the one item we found is peameal bacon sandwiches. Also, the two best versions happen to be 30 feet away from each other in the same market, the St. Lawrence Market on Front and Lower Jarvis. Luckily, this wasn’t far from our Airbnb.

The St. Lawrence Market is your typical market. Located in an old factory, in the old part of town, you can usually find locals, tourists, and restaurant supply seekers mixing together. We saw lots of Seattle Sounders FC fans milling about. These types of markets are also a pretty great for all of the different immigrant groups and their foods. Everything from Mediterranean to Caribbean can be found in this market. We can, however, for the least immigrant foods possible, the most local food we could find: The peameal bacon sandwich.

What Is Peameal?

Peameal simply is another word for cornmeal, which this pork loin is rolled in after it’s wet cured. The Canadian bacon you buy in the supermarket is bullshit. As per usual, the real thing is so much better.

Finally a decision needs to be made between Carousel Bakery and Paddington’s Pump, the two best options for peameal bacon sandwiches in Toronto, we had to pick a winner. We had a conundrum though, as we loved both for different reasons.

What Did You Think Of The Peameal Bacon Sandwich?

Have you ever had one? Which did you like the most? Tell me in the comments!

Know something else we should’ve had in Toronto? Tell us in the comments!

St. Lawrence Market ➡
Carousel Bakery ➡
Paddington’s Pump ➡

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