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How To Make Great Pizza At Home In A Cast Iron Skillet

Not exactly one of the pies the great pizza makers I’m friends with (Scarr, Emmett, Paulie Gee, Louie Migliaccio, Roberto Caporuscio, Luca Arigoni, Derek Sanchez, Professor Pizza, Jon Arena, etc) would’ve made but I was pretty proud of it.

🍞 48 hour/General Mills (📍Sam’s Restaurant, Cobble Hill, BK)

🍅Spicy Marinara (📍Caputo’s Fine Foods, Carroll Gardens, BK)

🧀 Cooking fresh Mozzarella (📍Caputo’s Fine Foods)

🔥 525°F home oven. Cast iron pan (my pizza stone broke) on the stove over high heat for 3-4 min, into oven & directly under broiler for 2-3 min

Slightly overdone underneath but really happy with the lightness of the crust from a such a high protein flour. It wasn’t chewy at all. Spiciness of the sauce (not too much) cut down from the water of the cheese and aided flavor as we used unsalted cheese.

Ny pizza home skillet

Only thing I wish I had was a little pecorino romano and fresh basil to finish it off. Next time I’d add that as well as bake slightly less over the flame and longer under the broiler. I’m also going to work on stretching. Never something I’ve been good at. I’m a much better eater than I️ am a baker. What do you guys think? Let me know if you’d like me to make a video about this process. Again, I’m not a pizza maker but maybe you live in an area where great pizza is harder to come by and this could be a nice addition to your weekly food routine.

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  1. Adam M - April 26, 2018 8:42 am

    I’d totally be down for a video. I got excited & hungry just looking at this. I totally could see some basil or a spicy meat on there. Thanks fam!


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