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Impossible Burger Taste Test Video

impossible burger

You’ve probably already heard about the Impossible Burger. It’s a plant-based, no-meat burger that bleeds like real meat. Weird, right? Well, myself and Mike Albanese wait in line to try it, in the first Fatventure.

impossible burger

impossible burger

“Fatventure” is simply the name Mike Albanese and I came up with for our fat guy adventures. The video above is the first one but we hope to be doing more. There is a ton of food out there and we hope to explore all of it. We want to try dishes that are new, old, big, small, expensive, cheap…WHATEVER!

This first episode is us trying David Chang‘s Impossible Burger. It’s at Momofuku Nishi which opens at noon so we got there at 11:30am. By 11:45 the line was 40+ people long. I was a bit worried about trying some lab experiment. I mean, a burger that bleeds but doesn’t have meat?!?! How’d they make plants bleed? Watch the video below to see my reaction as I eat it. Keep in mind this was the first time I ever ordered a veggie burger or ate one on purpose. Usually it’s some vegetarian friend trying to prove a point or that one weekend my wife wasn’t home and I didn’t know what I was allowed to eat in the fridge so I just ate a really old Boca Burger I found in the freezer.

If you guys like the idea of two fat guys going on a food adventure, let me know. We know the first episode is a bit sporadic and switching the front to back camera is annoying but we’re hoping to refine it. Also, if you guys have any suggestions on places you want us to check out, let us know! We’d love to hear from you and find new places. Mike and I are pretty locked into the whole food scene here in NYC but maybe there’s something we don’t know about. Maybe it’s a local gem far away in the Bronx or Staten Island we normally wouldn’t head off to. Let us know, we’d love to check it out! Comment below or email me at

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