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FATVENTURE #6: General Tso Sandwich!!

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General Tso sandwich. Read that again. General. Tso. Sandwich. Don’t you want to scream because it’s so perfect yet no one ever thought to do it before?! Fuck! I’ve had it and it still makes me angry it took this long for someone to think to make General Tso a sandwich!

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General Tso Sandwich. Why did it take this long for these?

General Tso chicken is one of those dishes that have an insane history. There is an incredible documentary on it called The Search For General Tso that explains where it comes from as well dropping the nugget (GET IT?!?!?!) that, behind pizza, General Tso chicken is the second most popular ethnic food in the world!

What makes Red Star’s General Tso sandwich so incredible is how the whole thing comes together. First of all, this dish is made with Korean fried chicken… kind of. Korean fried chicken is to be twice fried chicken resulting in a thin, very dry and crispy outer layer of breading. Red Star’s chicken is undoubtedly fried twice, a fact I’ve never confirmed but from taste alone seems like thats whats happening to this chicken in the kitchen. I’m really sorry that last sentence rhymed but here we are now. The breading is more reminiscent of a chicken finger but the meat is so much more juicy and savory. It reminded us of dark meat.

But is it really Korean fried chicken? No, not really.

Korean fried chicken also has a thin coating of a gochujang based sauce. Gochujang is a fermented sauce made from red chilis, rice, beans, and salt. It sounds like the perfect sauce for a wing, but that was not on this piece of chicken. Red star uses a plain fried chicken as the base and instead of the typical gochujang based sauce, they went with a General Tso sauce.

What is a General Tso sauce? Sugar cooked in a hot oil. Sure, the sauce has garlic, orange zest, red chili’s and some other stuff, but the thing that sticks out when making it is that it is mostly fried sugar. Fried sugar that you’re about to put on top of fried chicken. I know the show is called Fatventure and our fans might be thinking: FRIED ON FRIED? DOOOOPE. Except I’m thinking about all of the times I ate a family size serving of General Tso chicken by myself. In fact, I ordered it with “no vegetables” so I could throw the rice in the sauce and not be impeded by those stupid healthy vegetables. I coated my rice in fried sugar sauce… my cardiologist is going to get a fucking mansion one day and she better name it after me for fucks sake.

What About The Fucking General Tso Sandwich?

The sandwich from Red Star has lettuce, tomato, pepper, and pickled jalapeño. It’s a great sandwich. It also marks the first time only one thing is split on Fatventure. I’ve eaten this sandwich many times and I love it. If you’re ever in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, stop in and order yourself one. It will not disappoint. Watch as we try it and let us know in the comments what you think! ALSO!! We started a youtube channel for these Fatventures, hit subscribe and tell your friends!

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