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FATVENTURE #3: Venezuelan Street Food in NYC

Venezuelan street food hit it big in NYC with Caracas’ arepas. While they’re great, it was barely scratches the surface of Venezuelas incredible street food culture. That where Patacon Pisao comes in, and that’s where we’re going for our next Fatventure.

Venezuelan street food patacon pisao granado fatventure

Liliana Velazquez, the Queen of Venezuelan street food, and fhe Fatventure boys at Patacon Pisao, Queens NYC

Elmhurst is a heavily Asian neighborhood. Perfect place for a Venezuelan street food restaurant, right?! Well, Liliana Velazquez, a native of Maracaibo, Venezuela decided to open this after the truck she had uptown was so successful. Asians don’t have plantains in their cuisine, therefor, she would be introducing a new flavor to this neighborhood. Most noteworthy attraction here is the plantains (unripenned, not sweet). They use a lot of it and, needless to say, they use it masterfully.

Patacon Pisao is a disk of flattened and fried pre-ripe plantains. which they use that in place of the bread in a sandwich. The pabellon (national dish of Venezuela) is the main seller. It’s shredded beef, rice, beans, lettuce, crema sauce (sour cream and heavy cream whipped together to make a sweetened sour cream that adds a perfect tanginess to the sandwich), and sweet plantains for that added sweetness and fried goodness.

This sandwich isn’t for the faint of heart. This is the thing you eat before you go work in a farm. We have 0 plans to do and we’re in Queens… Where the fuck are we finding a farm? That said, we ate so much more. Watch the above video and see all of the amazing food they make there. The only thing we didn’t get to show was a Cachapa, which is a sweet corn pancake folded over basically a plate of food and it’s incredible.

Mike Albanese isn’t as versed as I am with Latin street food, yet needless to say he’s a convert. Mike didn’t want to leave! He ate most of the food and we finished off a piece of tres leche after we turned the cameras off!

Liliana and Evelyn were incredible. Next time you go, tell them the FATVENTURE guys sent you!! Let us know what you think of the video and let us know where you’d like us to try next in the comments, here or the video! We’d love to hear from you.


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