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Derby Of The Eternal Enemies ft. Stavros Halkias from Cum Town

Derby Of The Eternal Enemies ft. Stavros Halkias from Cum Town

We took a break from Christian crushing Alexis in FIFA 17 this week to bring in our first guest of the series, Stavros Halkias.
Stavros is a stand-up comedian and co-host of the hit podcast, Cum Town. Stavros is also Greek and a big Olympiacos fan. So we have a Derby of The Eternal Enemies episode between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos. Get to learn a little about this Greek derby from a young man who was indoctrinated by his family to hate Panathinaikos.

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#AMEXIDA: What do you think of the 3 country World Cup bid? Should the USA bother teaming up with 2 other countries that Donald Trump will eventually ruin relationships with?

#TIM: Are you ok with how Tim Howard responded to SKC fans? Is it just his Tourette’s acting up again?

#BARTRA: Why was Marc Bartra trying so hard to find the woman in the BVB shirt at the Ruhr Derby?

#MLS2STL: St. Louis may want MLS but they don’t want to pay for a stadium. Were you surprised that they voted down the ballot for public funding for the stadium?

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