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Imagine A Pizza Made Out Of Chicken Parm… NOW OPEN YOUR EYES!

chicken parm pizza

They replaced the crust of a pizza with fried chicken cutlet. “They” are magicians

Ahhh the Chicken Parm Pizza. It’s a chicken parm, in the shape of a pizza. That’s like if when you were a teenager, both your school and celebrity crush showed up at your house and was like “would it be cool if we both fucked you?”

For some of you that seems weird because the whole teenager thing means two in this scenario are underage and the celebrity crush is an adult but would it make you feel better if the school crush was a teacher and thus also an adult? No? Ok, back to the food.
If you don’t know what chicken parm is, it’s a chicken breast that’s pounded flat and battered in bread crumbs and fried. Then it’s covered in red sauce and mozzarella and it’s placed either on a dish or in bread. It’s not done until the cheese is melted and slightly charred. It was invented in the US and probably a take on eggplant parmigiana which came first and from Italy. Parmigiana used to mean to cook twice, not just the cheese which is what we most associate with the word parmigiana now. Quality Italian realized it’s basically a pizza with chicken as the crust so they took it one step further and ground the chicken so that they could shape it into a big disk and serve it as a pizza. It’s great.

The sauce, sure… BUT THAT BREADING!

The main flavor here is the sauce but the stand out for me was the breading on the chicken. It was seasoned perfectly with oregano and possibly cilantro. The sauce was great if not super simple. You just need blended up tomatoes for this. Don’t go crazy, maybe add a little salt and cook it down slightly so it’s not watery. You want it to be thick. The more you do to the sauce the more it’ll take away. That said I love the old school pizza shops that come through with a fully cooked and garlicky sauce. The fried basil on top isn’t necessary but in the age of Instagramable food, it makes sense. This is worth it for a special occasion for sure. That said, if you can eat the whole thing I’m sure they will put your picture on the wall under a sign that says “we’re not responsible”.
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