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Best Real (Traditional) Panini In Midtown NYC

Best real panini in midtown

Midtown NYC can be a wasteland of chains and shit Deli’s. If you walk a few blocks you can get to koreatown but for the most part you just have mainly crappy lunch option for the people who work here but don’t live here and aren’t familiar with what we really eat. Also, there are few options making absolutely great food. If you want a panini, what you usually get is one of those shit deli’s making one of their regular sandwiches and then putting it in a grill press so that it looks like a car ran over it and then charging you an additional $2 for it. That’s bullshit. The photo above? That’s the real deal.

I’ve been in Las Vegas and LA for the past week and a half and needless to say this is a welcome sight. Not to say that those two cities don’t do sandwiches it’s just that they do it the way we do it. We really do have a great sandwich culture here in NYC. If you don’t know about the sandwich culture here, maybe you aren’t really like living-living here.

Sergimmo Salumeria is great, but it isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. You have to grade it with a curve, which if I heard in HS it meant to convince the smart kids to bomb a few questions. The curve here is that it’s the closest thing to an incredible sandwich spot in a sea of crappy delis and chains. This is on 35th & 9th and if you know Manhattan you’d be shocked to find out its there. This neighborhood is more known for the heroine addicts and people trying to figure out how to get into the Lincoln tunnel. Well, sure B&H is also there and that place is dope. It also isn’t the cheapest sandwich either coming in at $12 but the ingredients way above that of the typical deli, again, especially in this neighborhood.

Personally I prefer a thicker cutlet and maybe more fresh mozzarella but I’m not going to complain. “But Alexis, that is a complain” -you. “🤷‍♂️” -me. This was real ciabatta and the flavors worked perfectly. I opted for hot peppers instead of sweet peppers cause I’m no little baby bitch. Eat whatever you want, just remember if you don’t like heat at all times you must’ve grown up in a functional home and by this age you probably feel pretty weird about it.

I don’t go to Sergimmo often because I’m never really in this neighborhood but next time I’ll go back and have the VIP which is Prosciutto de Parma, fresh mozzarella, fig jam. I’ve had it before and it’s a great flavor combination. Not reinventing the wheel certainly but it’s a fun sandwich to eat.

The only shit I’d change about this place is the music, no one know Italian fellas! Every one of the employees spoke to me in Spanish, but regular music or just jazz. Nothing is wrong with jazz. Jazz never hurt no one (besides all the jazz musicians who died of heroin overdoses but it wasn’t exactly the jazz that caused that so don’t worry about it).

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