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This dish is called “Bukake”… Seriously

bukake udon

I dare you to figure out how many pages into a google search of “bukake” this dish finally appears

This was the hardest dish for me to order. It’s legitimately called bukake udon. Yup, BUKAKE unironically. At first I thought maybe it was pronounced differently. Nope. In fact the waiter heard me laughing and was like “you’re thinking of ordering the boo-ka-key?” And I started laughing harder and then he said “when you’re done I’ll come-” I started laughing harder. He said to my wife “he’s laughing cause I said ‘come’ isn’t he? I’ll be back when he’s done.” The small bowl is a white gooey substance at first glance and that’s unfortunate because of the name of the dish but it’s the poached egg you put on top. The other less small bowl is the udon fish broth. It was great and complex and full of flavor. But, like the name implies, these two bowls are built to just dump all over the large bowl. The large bowl has udon noodles, minced spicy beef, scallions, and greens. There’s also a cucumber slice which is a boat for the tamarind hot red pepper paste. It’s not too hot, the sweet/sour blend works well with the heat.

The main thing that stuck out for me was the layering of flavor in the broth and how it played with the spicy beef and the noodles. It never drowned out the noodles and actually made the noodles more present. That’s what I love about the Japanese, they fucks with starch heavy. Salute.
All in all it was a wonderful dish and one I’d love to have again. I can’t believe I just said I loved that bukake and I want more bukake. Yeah son, I said it. I’m all about that bukake. *Mentally I’m a child.

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