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Pūrbird Updates & Upgrades The Chicken Shop

Pūrbird is somewhere between a chipotle, bodega, and chicken shop. And honestly, i kind of like it.
A few months ago I hosted a cooking contest and the chef who won was telling me she works for Marcus Sammuelson and she helped roll out Pūrbird. She was an incredible chef so I was excited to taste it.

Chicken is both easy to cook and hard to inspire with. It’s fucking chicken. “Don’t fuck it up” is the best advice you can give. They don’t fuck it up here. And while the chicken isn’t earth shattering, the flavor combinations are incredible. I got the chicken thigh wrap. It came with sautéed cabbage, tomato, pickled onions, special sauce and mayo. The cabbage and onion really set this wrap apart. The thigh is the most flavorful part of the chicken and the savory cabbage adds a slight sweetness and butteriness to the wrap. The onion adds that acid which cuts through everything.

Again, this didn’t change my life but it’s damn good and better than most corner store wraps. Mainly because the chicken is exceptional, and it’s put together with a lot of care.
If you have a pūrbird out by you, check it out. They do everything from this wrap to a whole chicken to a chicken burger. Their sauces are legit too. Try the mango sauce, it would go great on a salty sandwich.

📍Pūrbird, 502 Henry St, Brooklyn NY.

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